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This past week, we went to the funkiest industrial area in Pennsylvania, so I decided it would serve as an ideal backdrop for the look I wore out exploring.

For the long weekend I brought my trusty platform black boots, which feature silver hardware, and worked perfectly with the old industrial vibes of the northeast. These boots are perfect for walking around all day in any sort of weather and are therefore a new staple in my wardrobe. I found them on sale at Nasty Gal.

To balance the look, I wore my high waisted, slitted jeans to which contrast the boots with a more flirty feel. These jeans are so comfortable and flattering - I am very impressed and will definitely keep Reformation in my suggestions for quality jeans. However, they honestly need some hemming, so I can wear them with shoes that don't have platforms. I wish I could raise the slit as well, but I worry about the slit not being as strong and ripping over time.

Despite that, these pants really help visually lengthen the leg with their looser cut and give in the ankle. The medium wash also helps ground the look.

Currently, I am obsessed with this rust color that both the beret and sweater features. This color paired with the striped sleeves of the sweater work together to create a bold piece to add to your closet. I can't tell you how many times I've worn this sweater already this winter. I find Urban Outfitters a little hit or miss with quality and fit, but I highly recommend this sweater - both for the unique look and comfort of it.

As for my accessories, the beret is a trend I'm loving, and I'm so lucky I was gifted this one from Madewell (which features a pom pom). My olive colored scarf is from Eddie Bauer, and again, I love the combination of the rust and olive. Let me know what you think!

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