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12 Days of Sophie: The Truth about this Semester and Puffin

Today, I had my last meeting of the year at school. As the semester wrapped up, I’ve thought and compared this semester to past ones (aka pre-break). This semester was tough, but so have all my others. The difference? The pace. I made a point this fall to work slowly (going against my previous habits and comfort). I left the studio by five and dropped everything school wise as soon as I made it home – with some exceptions. I pulled no all-nighters and listened to my body when I felt worn out or frustrated – especially when I could tell my mental habits were returning. I’m ending on a frustrated note, taking one incomplete and worrying a little more than usual about my grades. While I don’t expect to fail, I know it’s unlikely I’ll leave this fall behind receiving at least one B or maybe even a C. It’s hard excepting that when I know I had the ability to push myself harder. I feel as if I’ve even failed 12 Days of Sophie by taking a break when some personal issues came up. However, I know especially as a designer that grades aren’t valued so much, and projects take consistency and time. One thing I can say is I did make it my entire semester back. Right now, that should be good enough.

As I write this, I am sitting next to my sleepy boy, Puffin. Here is a Christmas picture I took of him.

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