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12 Days of Sophie: Affordable Last Minute Gifts

This Christmas season has already flown by so quickly, so I decided to put up a list of affordable last minute gifts for friends and family.

1. For Your Trendy Hipster Friend

Succulents are not only trendy right now, but they look perfect on any window sill and add a little life to a room. You can either buy a cute pot for them or paint one yourself to really personalize the gift. This set ($9) has a small variety of types and is perfect for starting your collection.

2. For Your Health Fanatic Friend

A water intake tracking water bottle ($45) is one those things someone would never buy for themselves. This is definitely a fun gift for almost anyone to try out.

3. For the Skincare Obsessed Friend

As the wintertime has hit, my skin has been suffering from dryness much like most people's. This skincare set ($25) is tailored to glowy, dewy skin, something a little harder to achieve this time of year.

4. For Your Movie Fanatic Friend

A scratch off movie bucket list poster ($20) is a fun way to track movies you've seen as well as act as a conversation starter if placed on your wall. This poster comes in three categories as well: movies, music, and travel.

5. For Your Friend Who is Always Late

A fun alarm clock like this ($40) is the gift that keeps giving. I'm sure many people keep their phones charging near their bed, and placing an alarm like this across the room eliminates sleepily turning off your alarms.

6. For Your Music/Sports Loving Friend

Concert or sports tickets are an easy last minute present that only requires a printer to share the tickets. This is a gift that has a variety of price points depending on what you are willing to spend. Personally, UVA basketball games are always exciting and luckily Charlottesville itself hosts many big name concerts as well as smaller, alternative ones just downtown.

7. For Your Pizza Loving Friend

This is a fun present to use for friend or family gatherings that is sure to start conversation. Again, a bike pizza cutter ($25) is a fun gift that people would never go out of the way to buy on their own.

8. For Your Makeup Enthusiast Friend

A brush cleaning set ($25) is something I would never buy myself but would come in handy. This set spins the brushes to dry them, which is a technique I use myself. However, this set would make it much easier.

9. For Your Techy Friend

A Google Home is something my grandparents have an seem to really love for everyday use. This version is cheaper (on sale right now for $25!) and low profile, making it perfect for giving as a gift.

10. For Your Friend Who Hosts All the Gatherings

Simple games like this ($20) are fun opportunities to get to know your friends better while having fun. We have a few of these type of games to play at our own college apartment and use them pretty regularly.

10. For Your Friend Who is Always Cold or Just Loves Home Decor

You can never go wrong with a comfy blanket ($27). Faux fur blankets are super trendy and match any type of interior space. I keep one on the foot of my own bed and would not be upset getting more for every room in our apartment.

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