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Happy Holidays: My First Blog Giveaway!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! My family had an amazing day celebrating together and festivities are finally winding down. I thought this would an ideal opportunity to share my gratitude with you. I'm having my first blog giveaway!

These waffle makers are two we keep at my college apartment and use all the time. We host "family" breakfasts with toppings sides. We've had many fun times making little waffles, and so I thought I would share this waffle maker with one of you. I bought it in the lavender color from Urban Outfitters along with a skincare book that I hope is helpful!

To enter the giveaway, just sign up you can either join my mailing list and leave a comment below or just share one of these pictures with the hashtag #stylingwithsophiegiveaway on your Instagram stories. The giveaway ends Friday (Janruary 3rd) when I hope to be shipping the package off to one of you! Good luck!

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