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Springtime Quarantine Thoughts

I'm going to start today's post with a little disclaimer: these pictures were taken this past weekend in a location were we did not see anyone around (on the way to Lowe's of course), and my mask and gloves were on hand - stay safe!

As the phrase goes “long time, no see”, I haven’t posted in several months, but as school is finally wrapping up (and I really wanted to make an excursion from our house), I decided it was an opportunity to get in touch again on this platform to share both an update and an outfit I love. Sometimes, I really think Madewell should sponsor me, and today is again one of those days. My sweater top and pants are both purchased from there with my shoes from Old Navy, my earrings from Banana Republic, and my hair clips from Anthropologie.

These pants are one of my favorite spring pieces and provide a deviation from my usual jeans look (also I really do have a thing for stripes of all kinds, so who’s surprised). I love these pants; they hit my waist at the perfect spot. However, the one annoyance I have with these pants is I really do wish they had a tall option (which Madewell usually does) because I like to joke how these are almost capris on me. I do have long legs, and I know ankle length jeans are very trendy, but these could really use another couple inches in length. I’m sure on people who might be a little shorter or have a longer torso than I do, these probably fit a lot nicer. Does anyone else run into this problem a lot? Anyhow, my flutter sweater top, I bought last year as a nicer top to wear to work, and the sleeves really help add the flirty feel to the look. In classic fashion, I

paired the look with some thicker classic hoops to keep the streamlined look, adding detail with the matching red hair clips. My hair is getting crazy long and could use a good chop (I’m sure a lot of you can relate), so this is a very accurate representation of how I’ve been dealing with it (aka messy buns all the time). I thought these shoes really helped to keep the look a little nicer – a much needed difference from my new uniform of jeans and slippers. I love chunky heals, both for ease of wear and aesthetics, and really needed an excuse to wear some nice shoes.

I’m going to shift my writing to some quarantine thoughts because we clearly aren’t hearing enough about it (that was my attempt at sarcasm). I am a homebody at heart, so I do think that I am handling the home-life more successfully than many people. I’ve taken this as an opportunity to focus improving my lifestyle and de-clutter my life. Focusing solely on myself and my four classes has been a reminder that I am in control of my life and can handle what’s thrown at me. I’m sure my semester off last spring has helped in preparing me for being self-reliant and working effectively from home. Despite this, I do still struggle with concerns about the near future. Internship applications have led me nowhere, and it’s looking more and more like I can’t work retail this summer either.

I have signed up for online classes and have set myself some projects to work on form home, but I know I am going to miss being able to earn money, see my friends, and go to the beach with my family. I think the trick to making it through this summer is to discover your personal value and pursue your interests. While vacations and friendships can make summer more exciting or fun, what matters long term is your self-growth and how you can adapt to unusual circumstances. What are you going to do to make this time worthwhile?

Get the look - I've linked a few items since what I am wearing is now out of stock, but I love the look and want to share what I can with you!

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