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Halloween Bedroom Decor

While I know this is a fashion blog, I am studying design, and interior decor is right up my alley. As you probably already know, I am not living at home right now, but I had these pictures from last year, and I thought the room looked pretty cute all decorated for the holiday. Since then, the room has changed a bit (no more Eiffel Tower or white wicker nightstand), but overall, the general design is the same. For those wondering, yes, I did share a room for around sixteen years of my life, but most of the design choices are my own since my sister doesn't care much for room decor, and she has since moved into an apartment with her own room. As for the decor, I went more minimal, adding accents here and there in addition to my handmade ghost garland (they are actually made of tissues and ribbon!). So many Halloween decorations are really easy to DIY that it might not even be worth a trip to go buy some! I recommend looking at what materials you have on hand and be creative!

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