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Traveling in Style

Since summer vacation is coming up, I decided to do another more fun post, using stuff I've found on Pinterest. So, here it is: Sophie's tips and tricks to packing for a two week vacation with only a carry-on suitcase and either a backpack, a purse, or both (whatever you prefer). Whenever I travel anywhere, I always pack using luggage that generally fits in the overhead bins on the plane. As I currently understand it, the maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag is 22 X 14 X 9 inches. With that said, these are my top suitcase picks. (NOTE: I would use luggage that is uniquely colored, so it is easily noticeable; if you want to use the standard black suitcase, then I recommend simply putting on a bright travel tag)

*Note: The prices of these suitcases were not taken into account.

To fit clothes in the small suitcase, I found that rolling the clothes tends to fit more in, but they still get a little wrinkled. My solution? A mini iron.


Also, I find myself majorly over-packing. Statistics show that half the items that women pack never get worn on vacation (statistic found on Pinterest), so I believe the best things to pack are simple cuts and pieces that can easily be switched to make various outfits. I try to stick to the same general color palette and use lots of layering options based on the climate of where I am traveling to. Stick to bold colors and well tailored pieces to create a more chic look. Also, to make your outfits more unique, pack lots of small accessories. These take up a lot less room than taking you ten favorite shirts. Hopefully, these pictures are a useful guide.

This leads me to the kind of purse or bag that I would use during these two weeks. Obviously, the bag needs to go with all the outfits brought with you. That means that the safest route to go is with black, white, or neutral colors. However, sometimes you can take a pale pink or a grey-blue purse because those colors also go with many of the outfits that I wear. Also, I recommend going with a larger bag to be sure that everything you need fits in it, unless you decide to bring your backpack or rucksack out with you. Here are some of my favorites:

Next comes the question: What will I actually wear on the airplane that actually looks sort of cute? The answer often varies from person to person. It depends on what you believe is comfortable enough to travel in. Some people don't care what they look like when they board airplanes, but I prefer to travel in maybe slight style. My favorite options -

* Bottoms: Black leggings, cute joggers (grey or black preferable), jeggings, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans (only wear jeans if you are comfortable in them), and black yoga pants (make sure these fit correctly and are not too short)

* Tops: Graphic tees are your best friend, or flannels, or pullover sweaters

* Outerwear: Cozy flannel, graphic pullover, oversized cardigan, or a military jacket

* Accessories: SUNGLASSES! (I use them to cover my no-makeup face while still looking stylish - get a cute pair!), cute purse, and comfortable shoes (keep in mind that these don't necessarily need to be a pair of super comfy shoes because I always take them off on the airplane - go with classic black booties or simple flat city shoes). Also, stick a pair of comfortable socks in your bag to wear on the plane.


*NOTE: As shown in the pictures above, don't worry about styling your hair too much. The best options are naturally down, a messy bun, or a messy braid.

What to pack besides clothes?

* A cute passport case (if flying internationally)

* Headphones and earbuds (one for comfort and one for convenience)

* A Toothbrush with Toothpaste (container under 100 mL)

* Kindle/iPad/Nook with a cute case (less space than books!) <-- Don't forget the charger!

* Laptop with charger (for work, movies, or whatever) <-- Lightweight is better (don't forget to pre-download movies if your laptop has no CD/DVD drive)

* Cell phone with case and charger

* Makeup/Skincare: Take the most basic things you need. If you don't often wear eyeshadow or lipstick, don't bring it. Even if you wear it every once in a while, don't bring it.

Eyes - Small pallets of your favorite eyeshadows are the best. I found this mini pallet of one of my favorite larger pallets. Try to stay away form bringing multiple pallets or a pallet that is too big. For mascara, it is best to bring one of the travel sizes if you can get ahold of a good one, otherwise just bring your normal one. If you wear eyeliner, bring your favorite.

Lips - Bring maybe one or two lipsticks, a gloss, and a lip balm.

Brows - Bring whatever you need for your everyday routine.

Skin - Everyone has a different skin care routine, but to save space, use small empty containers to only bring what you actually need. I bring a moisturizer, a daily acne treatment, a small spot acne treatment, my foundation, and concealer.

Tools - I use my hands for a lot of my makeup application, but I found this adorable travel size set of makeup tools!

Lotion - Simply for hydration purposes. I thought this would be a good place to add a favorite of mine. This is my favorite hand lotion right now; it smells amazing!

NOTE: Bring cute cosmetics cases!

* Clothes:

Bottoms - I would stick to no more than four or five bottoms. Pay attention to weather here. Don't bring too many pants if you are going to Florida. Also, maybe add a skirt in here.

Shirts - Try to bring only six shirts for a two week trip. Make sure each of these goes with all the bottoms you've chosen. Also, make sure these can be easily layered.

Dresses - Only 2 are necessary at the most unless the trip requires you to dress well.

Shoes - One pair to wear on the plane and one that is easily packable. These should match all the outfits you are bringing. Stick to basic colors and styles.

Socks - Bring lots of these if your shoes require them, and I like to bring a pair of fuzzy ones for on the airplane.

Outerwear - Only bring what's appropriate for the climate of your destination. Do not pack too many sweaters and jackets. Generally one or two is plenty.

Accessories - These thankfully take up little space. Therefore, if anything, these are the best to over-pack. Of course, choose styles and pieces that go with your clothes and that you are not too afraid of losing. Maybe bring one scarf if nights get chilly, and your sunglasses depending on where you are going.

* Hair: Do not forget a brush! Even bring a mini one, if you don't mind using one so small. For other tools, I would recommend only bringing a mini straightener since most hotels have hair dryers (I personally let my hair airdry), and I like to curl my hair with a straightener anyway. For products, I would bring travel size for everything. I like to stick to bringing basic shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, seasalt spray, and friz/heat protecting spray. Also, I found a cute travel kit with all necessary hair styling things.

* Emergency Kit - Just in case...

* Passport, Travel Converters/Adapters, and Other Specific Needs

* Positive Attitude - Traveling is not for everyone, but if you are well prepared and open-minded, your attitude may change. Keep in mind that traveling is an amazing way to get to know a new culture and meet new people. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this, so have fun and try new things!

Wow. This post ended up a lot longer than I originally had in mind. Therefore, I'm sure there are probably a few mistakes and errors throughout, and I may have left out some details, so please let me know what I'm missing! All these images can be found on my Pinterest account -

I would also like to guide people to this Zoella video if you wish to take a carry-on or if you just want to make sure you are not forgetting anything important.


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