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Holidays and Updates

Happy Thanksgiving readers! Here are a few pictures from this year's look. I also am giving a quick update at the end of this post so be sure to read to the end! In terms of my look, I wanted to keep it pretty classic with a few funky details (aka the sparkly socks, my creepers, and my eye earrings).

Here's the rundown: I always associate oranges and reds with Thanksgiving to opted for my red suede a line skirt (an old one from Zara). I paired it with a classic white shirt (thanks mom!) and a pair of tights. Because of the pocket details in the skirt, I felt it was a perfect opportunity to pull out my old creepers (my shoes from T.U.K.). The platforms matched with my copper socks help accentuate the funky vibe of the skirt pockets. When picking my jewelry, I found these earrings which I thought matched perfectly with my black accents and copper socks. The coat is my favorite classic dress coat from Banana Republic.

In terms of hair and makeup, I kept things light with my hair half up for an easy, classic look and my makeup with a hint of bronze shadow, no eyeliner, and light lip color.

I have been thinking about doing 25 Days of Sophie (which is 25 days of content on the blog during the holiday season) for the past few years. I did it in year in high school, and it was a decent time commitment. However, I love this time of year and want to create a better dialogue on my blog, so there is less of a gap between my life and my posts. So, my compromise is doing 12 Days of Sophie during the 25 days before Christmas (aka I want to post every other day). I am planning on including some more lifestyle posts mixed with some fashion.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you are as excited as I am for the holiday season!

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