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Waves and Organization

Last week was our annual beach trip to Virginia Beach, so of course I took a few photos to share on here. This dress I wore to a casual dinner out (and one day on my trip to England). I picked it up from Princess Polly, and love the color, flutter sleeve detail, and tie in the front.

I threw a casual white cardigan over it (from Old Navy), and paired it with my $13 Amazon shoes (which are sold in 4 other colors!). To complete the easy, beachy vibe, I threw on a simple gold shell necklace with simple small gold hoops and my typical bar earrings for my second hole. I left my hair natural with a small clip to keep my hair out of me face.

Two posts ago, I mentioned taking time off school. I am planning on going back this semester in less than a week, and I'm both excited and nervous to jump back in. I've been working a little bit this summer and trying to get life back on track in terms of working towards my future career. School starts again in almost a week, and I'm trying to get organized before I go. I thought this might be a good time (with school starting and seasons about to change) to share some of my organizing tips to having a fresh start. I love this time of year specifically because it's when I have a little motivation and time to prepare for a change of lifestyle. Hopefully, these tips are helpful!

Clean out your spaces:

Of course, this is a given if you are moving into a new space (like me!!!), but in general, now is a great time to do a deep cleaning, and check some things off the house cleaning to-do list. Set a goal of organizing your bedroom closet and donating some old clothes. The result will help you feel on top of things, and then when work or school picks up, it does help my mind stay focused on the task at hand instead of worrying about what cleaning needs to be done before I can go to class.

Practice Self Care:

This is something I somewhat neglected the last time I was at school, but it is so important. However, one thing I was good at was making sure I cleaned myself up every morning and wore an outfit that made me feel confident and put together. I noticed whenever I dress down (in leggings or sweatpants), I would feel self conscious and like I needed to change. Eliminating those subconscious worries helps me feel more confident approaching my professors and my mind more focused on the task at hand. In addition, self care helps you recharge to make sure you are recharged and can separate focus time and relaxing time. Self care can include treating yourself to new clothes or school supplies or warm candles (of course in moderation) to help you change your mindset as well.

Define Spaces:

One of the best strategies to working efficiently that I've found is defining a work space and a relaxing space. If I need to work on an assignment, I will always only work at my desk or in the library. My dorm/apartment is dedicated to winding down and taking care of myself. At home, there are too many distractions and the environment is less studious.

Plan Ahead:

Buy a planner! I love physically writing down tasks and crossing them off. It helps give an idea of how to distribute your time as well as the satisfaction of crossing things off your list. Another thing I like to do is finish up any TV show or summer projects I'm working on. This helps encourage a fresh start as well as opening up time for new projects.

Set Appointments:

I've had to talk pretty extensively with my adviser and professors at school, but by doing this, I know I'm going to be able to make the most of my expensive education. Similarly, make sure you've made it to your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, and vet (and whoever else you need to see) to be sure you are being taken care of and don't have to worry about making appointments when the busy parts of the year come.

I hope everyone makes the most of the rest of the summer, and I'm so excited to start back up with my education. Be sure to subscribe to the Styling with Sophie newsletter for updates on the blog!

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