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Packing Tips from My 2 Week Trip to England

Welcome back! I thought I'd put together some photos we took from England with some packing tips I've learned from traveling nationally and internationally in my trusty carry on suitcase.

Airplane Mode: Personally I like to wear pants, my clunkiest shoes, and my heaviest jacket on the airplane. I'm always freezing in the air and wearing bulky clothes provides more space in your suitcase. Also, comfort is key, so I'll bring the softest clothes to wear on the airplane.

Evening Wear: This dress I bought from Princess Polly (under $40), and it is completely wrinkle proof. Pieces like this are ideal for warm summer nights when you might like to feel more dressy. Throw on a light sweater (one that matches most of your clothing selection), some dainty jewelry, and a pair of nice sandals to complete the look.

Pack for the Occasion: The image above was taken before touring a cathedral. The dress is again from Princess Polly ($40) and has the prettiest sleeves! I purposely packed several dressy options because we planned on visiting several churches and castles, and I wanted to dress respectfully.

Climate in Mind: England can get chilly, so I made sure to pack a couple pairs of pants, and used a mixture this light red bomber (from Athleta), a sweater, and a raincoat as layers to adjust to changing weather.

Save Space: I packed about a dozen different tee shirts since they took up such little space in my suitcase. I also was able to bring more shorts than pants that could all be interchanged to match most tops.

Shoe Smart: When picking what shoes to bring, I think about 3 factors: comfort, packability, and color. My Birkenstocks are of course a given because of the neutral color and comfort. The sandals I wore in this photo are easily packable and a little dressy. I didn't have to worry about them losing their shape in my suitcase at all (also they are super affordable). My Vans (similar here) match most of my closet already even despite their green color and are very comfortable.

Accessories: My opinion is to pack a variety of accessories and makeup. These help make looks stand out and feel fresh despite rewearing outfits. Accessories take up little space and can make looks feel unique.

A Hat: Being outside most days, I was very concerned about sunburn. This hat saved me multiple times! If you are pale like me, an easy to pack cap and sunscreen should be the first things in your suitcase. Also, a cap can make your look more sporty an relaxed.

Statement Pieces: A simple dress or jumpsuit can help make dressing in the morning a simpler process. I'm someone who loves to look fashion conscious, but on vacation every day is time to explore. Statement pieces like this maxi (others I like here, here, and here) makes getting ready in the morning easy and fast.

Basics are Key: Basics are basics because they go with so much. An outfit of basics can create a very classic look. I made sure to bring a white sweater, black shorts, and white tops that are true to my style and match with everything.

Be Playful: One of my favorite aspects of travel is exploring the limited closet of my suitcase. How can I style what I have in new ways that function well in the given environment? This was my first time wearing this set, and each piece can be styled separately (see pants above). I wore this look to the Design Museum in London and Sketch London. I felt confident and comfortable, and that's what I hope to feel on every vacation.

On my design blog, I talk about some of my favorite places we visited - take a look here!

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