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Like Slow Disappearing

Welcome back to the blog! As you might have already noticed, I have changed the name to "Styling with Sophie" to help differentiate my blog from being associated with the story of Sophie's Choice. I'm excited to finally get to update the blog.

Today's look is made up of some of my current favorite pieces. The shape of the purple sweater is so unique and comfy that I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it from Free People. These light wash, high-waist jeans were only $15 from Hollister, and while I am not usually into ripped jeans, I have been living off these ones because the wash and skinny fit work with so many different things. I paired this look with my high top All-Star Addidas sneakers to keep the look casual, rolling the cuff of my pants to accommodate for the shoes. My jacket is so comfy, I highly recommend this style because I find myself reaching for it often, and since getting it last year, Urban Outfitters has increased the color options available on their website!

I know many people do not like mixing metals in jewelry, but to me, it adds detail and interest to a look. For jewelry, I opted for a mixture of my simple gold bar earrings (from Madewell) with the more festive silver dangle earrings (from American Eagle).

(Today's post is named after a Turnover song)

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