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Today, I am sitting at the counter writing this as the ocean sparkles out the window directly in front of me. The title of the post is an accurate description of how I feel about this beach. As you can probably tell, I am here on vacation and took a few shots to share a more casual outfit I put together. Sometimes, I feel like I get so carried away posting nicer outfits that I neglect the more everyday looks.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that my Birkenstocks have been my choice shoe every summer for the past several years, and not much has changed. I have definitely got my money's worth out of these ones!

My shorts and top are both Madewell (another favorite of mine) and are such comfortable and simple pieces to have in your wardrobe. My hoop earring are also Madewell, and I've been loving these so much because of how simple and lightweight they

are. My choker and wrap bracelet are ones I bought at Rehoboth Beach this summer, and unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the stores.

Of course, being at the beach, I had a pair of sunglasses on me from Nordstrom's B.P. line that my grandmother bought for me on a day out. In my opinion, some of the best pieces are those that you associate with experiences and people.

I know I rarely throw my hair up for blog posts, but in reality - now that my hair is long enough - I do it all the time. Hopefully, I will have new hair within the next couple posts!

(Today's post is named after a Bad Suns song)

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