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Saw You In a Dream

Welcome back! Today, I finally put together my "dressy" look. Honestly, I'd love to wear this out for an evening, but unfortunately evenings are not always the best lighting for photos, so I styled the dress for a day look.

Midi dresses have been in style for a little while now, and this dress is a Betsey Johnson one I found at Urban Outfitters years ago (that I was excited about because of its vintage look). For accessories, I picked out a pair of strapy sandals from Nordstrom and my Anthropologie black flower earrings. To style for night, however, I would've gone for a pair of simple black heels or booties paired with a black choker (to this day one of my favorite trends ever) and gunmetal dangle earrings.

I'm so excited to be back posting on this site after a little vacation/finishing a summer course break. I plan to get back to weekly posts and will hopefully have another post up by this weekend. Compared to past summers, my creativity has been at a lower level, and I hope to create as much as I can before school begins again - keeping my fingers crossed that I have an opportunity to film one more music video and edit a few others from older footage. Sometimes I feel like I set my expectations too high.

Working a part-time job, taking an online summer course, and driving around on many short trips this summer have really drained me of a lot of my energy this summer. It hasn't helped that I place a lot of self worth and fulfillment on my ability to create, so this summer has been a little bit of a struggle, but with my class now over and with only one more trip in the future, I am ready to focus my energy on creation again.

In the next post, I hope to explore a more trendy, casual outfit. I can't wait to share!

(This post was named after a song by The Japanese House)

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