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Normally evening is not the best time to shot pictures because of the lack of light. It also didn't help that the camera died about ten seconds into the shoot. Blogger problems - am I right? Anyhow, my IPhone 6s did it's best trying to adjust the the changing light, and the pictures came out decent (at least in my non-photographer opinion). Despite it being summer and only working part time, life still feels busy. Somehow in college, life moves at a slower pace. At least that's what it feels like.

If you know me personally, you probably know that Madewell is my most recent brand obsession. So naturally, my outfit is mostly Madewell, excluding my sandals (my trusty Birkenstocks), my jacket (an old Urban Outfitters find), and my Etsy eye earrings and moon choker. I'm also carrying my typical Kate Spade bag I've had since seventh grade (and still adore). While I know she didn't design this bag (she had sold the company by the time I received it), she was still my first my favorite designer and will always continue to think of her when using it.

Denim shorts and Birkenstocks are my staple pieces for summer and are (in my opinion) a must for building the perfect summer wardrobe. I also love throwing on a light jacket on cooler evenings in the summer. The military jacket with the girly top adds contrast to an otherwise simple outfit. While I love statement earrings and bold makeup, I kept my jewelry, makeup, and hair lighter to balance instead of compete with the details of the outfit.

I can't wait to share more in upcoming weeks, and my plan is to start posting once a week until summer is over, even if they are quick ones like this. Video content is also something else I'm working on (make sure you're subscribed to Sophie's Choice on YouTube), so keep your eyes open! When my subscription to my website provider ends this year, I'm also thinking of switching websites and working on a new design. Everything, however, will be posted on here, so be sure to check in every now and then.

(Today's post is named after a Hippo Campus song)

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