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Good Vibrations

Welcome back! It has been a while since my last edition to the blog, but there is so much I want to share! Life has been busy, as usual, and unfortunately, sickness over winter break prevented me from creating any holiday content, but hopefully with this new post, I can inspire through some spring fashion. Throughout this post I will be giving some updates on various situations (and just life in general), but all the outfit details will be located within the last paragraph.

As mentioned before, I am currently attending college here in Virginia, but got to travel home for Easter weekend, during which I have been able to take these photos (in a small downtown area of Charlottesville called Belmont). College has made posting regularly a slight challenge (due to many factors), so I have been contemplating what this means for the future of the blog.

Of course my passion for styling and fashion will always be an influence on my life and the things I wear, but without the ability to consistently create these "Outfit of the Day" posts, what are my options? So I was thinking I could work more with doing styling from particular brands or more "Fashion Finds" and discuss those, but one of the main reasons for starting this blog was to share my personal every day looks. Personally, these posts are the most real and honest about what kinds of things I wear and what pieces make most sense to buy and wear in life.

While I don't have a clear idea of what this means for the future of Sophie's Choice, I know I should continue using every opportunity to take pictures and upload them for whoever decides to visit this website. Potentially, I can do very informal compilations of outfits I wear to class with pictures taken through the hanging mirror in my small dorm room, but I worry about the quality of content. If you have any opinion at all, I would love to hear feedback.

Also, I plan to again add more video content as summer approaches and school ends. As a first year industrial design student, I have learned so much already and am excited to continue perusing my degree. I have found a particular interest in furniture design, but there is still so much to learn and try before I narrow my interests that much.

While most students at my school (and most other colleges), don't dress the way I tend to on a regular basis, I have rediscovered the confidence I gain from some of my clothes. While I don't think college has affected my personal tastes and style too much, I know my lifestyle change has had an effect of some things I wear, which I can get more in-depth with in another post.

Today's outfit, however, is made up of an Urban Outfiters top, pants, and shoes. The choker is from an Etsy shop (mentioned way back in one my very first posts). My earrings, again mentioned previously, are from Anthropologie, and the sunglasses are from Madewell. The jean jacket is an oversized vintage one I picked up on campus earlier this school year

(Today's post is named after a Beach Boys song I've been listening too as the weather has gotten warmer)

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