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Golden Dandelions

Today's post is the perfect example of what I've been wearing to class recently: denim on bottom with an easy, comfortable shirt (generally in warm tones) matched with black shoes. Of course, I rarely wear heals to class, but to dress up the outfit a bit, I pulled out my Urban Outfitter heels and Anthropologie gold-rimmed, floral earrings. I would love to wear these shoes to class, but I consistently walk a few miles a day due to the size of campus. Both the top and skirt are from Madewell. Madewell is known for their denim, and so far, they have not disappointed! Their denim is amazing quality and the variety of styles is unique and flattering. As for their tops, I love how soft the materials are. I honestly keep coming to the same looks because of the comfort and style. The sweater adds a bit more pattern and contrast with the top while again adding black accents to the look. I love using older pieces (like the purse and sweater) to add character to an outfit.

Anyhow, I hope to post more as I settle into my new lifestyle and be sure to follow my YouTube channel (Sophie's Choice)!

(Today's post is titled after a song I fell in love with this summer by Barns Courtney)

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