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Eclipse Vacation (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Eclipse Vacation! So, after our 24 hours in D.C., we drove back down to our hometown to spend the night in our own house before continuing south to Blacksburg to pick up my sister and take her with us to one of our favorite hotels in Abingdon called The Martha Washington. This hotel is particularly special because it is located close to our favorite bike path - The Creeper Trail - where we have biked many times.

Since I was four years old, we've tackled the trail, and like usual, it took us two days to complete the twenty-six miles. This time, however, it took only about five hours overall to bike the trail, leaving us with enough time to utilize the hotel's swimming pool and tennis courts (which if you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen how amazing the facilities are).

Unfortunately after two days, we had to leave to continue our journey west. Many hours were spent in the car, but in the afternoon after making it to Tennessee, we found a beautiful location to zip line (pictured below), which me and my sister participated in with great enthusiasm.

Late that night, we made it to Chattanooga for the night. For me, this was the most beautiful place we got to see. The city is located on a river surrounded by the Appalation Mountains, and much of the city has been renovated over the years. We got to eat in the cutest restaurants and bike down by the river (and over the river as shown below).

(See more of this jumpsuit on the blog entry titled "I'm with You")

We climbed Lookout Mountain on the Incline Railway. The train car takes you a mile up the steep slope of the mountain overlooking Chattanooga. The view was worth the trip!

We continued our travels, seeing The Space & Rocket Center in Alabama, the city of Nashville, and a couple other sights along the way.

Of course we stopped by the Parthenon, which was an impressive sight despite the heat of the day. It was pretty crowded (likely by the million people who came to see the eclipse in Nashville).

Finally on our last day we drove to see Andrew Jackson's house, which was in my opinion a well-worth-it trip on the way to our final destination of Cookeville.

We made it to a viewing stadium a couple hours before deciding the chaos and loud music wasn't the right setting for us (not to mention the couple of clouds in the sky), so we packed into the car one last time and headed out until we found the perfect location outside of the city.

This was the most amazing two minutes of my life.

After the eclipse we drove home twelve hours on what should have been an eight hour trip, but the trip was definitely worth it.

(Be sure to keep up with my YouTube channel - Sophie's Choice - because a trip video will be going up soon!)

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