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Eclipse Vacation (Part 1)

So the journey began in Washington D.C. - more specifically Great Falls Park on the Potomac just outside D.C. We took our bikes from home, and one common theme throughout the trip was a lot of bike riding. In the picture to the left, I'm wearing a new Banana Republic top over a plain white tee paired with Forever 21 shorts and my trustee Birkenstocks. The small faux leather backpack is from Urban Outfitters and was super handy to have during the trip.

Like I said, this trip involved a lot of bike riding, so the second day, we toured D.C. by bike stopping by an amazing public pool with a waterfall located on the water. Pictured to the right is my bike that, to be honest, came home pretty roughed up. Nonetheless, the basket and fenders were super helpful for keeping me dry and holding the camera, so I could easily access it as we rode.

One of our stops was to visit the Building Museum where we attempted building an igloo out of these cardboard pieces.

Below is the amazing hotel we got to stay in only a few blocks from the White House.

After attempting to finish this delicious ice cream sunday, we began our journey south...

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