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Feel It Still

I cannot believe summer is already so close to an end (okay I know we still have a month left, but it feels like hardly enough time)! Yesterday, we decided to take pictures on the beach of a more casual outfit that I like to wear since I sometimes feel I only post more dressy outfits. It has been a super fun, beautiful experience staying here by the ocean, and I am sad to go in couple days.

It is always pretty windy on the beach, and you can probably tell through the pictures that my hair and the wind tend to not get along so well, but it does mean that I get to put less effort into styling it. The salty air always adds so much texture, which I love.

Anyhow, this is a good display of one of my go-to casual summer outfits: jean shorts, lightweight top, and simple jewelry. These shorts are my all-time favorite from Madewell (a store recently opened in my hometown) and the fit is amazing. They are high waisted but not too high and the rolled hem allows you to customize their length to your preference. I also sometimes struggle with finding shorts that are not too tight and have a more relaxed sort of feel while still fit flatteringly on me. These ones are pretty perfect for me, and I'm obsessed with the wash!

As for the top, this is a recent find from ASOS online. I honestly had such low expectations for this top due to the price, but as soon as I tried it on, I knew it would turn into a staple piece in my wardrobe.

My favorite simple combo is jeans paired with white tops. I probably have about five variations of simple white tops in my closet that I rotate through on a regular basis. With tops like this one, you can easily dress it how you want, but for this look, I decided to go more minimal with clean gold hoop earrings (from Altar'd State) and lavender linen sandals (from Urban Outfitters), which creates more emphasis on the ruffled shape of the top over anything else in the outfit. I hope that despite the wind, you can still tell how the fit of the top looks in person.

If you aren't already, you should definitely follow me on YouTube to see my trip videos (I have been getting some footage here too for a future video), so I can share with you my treasured memories and amazing experiences (below I will link my Touring Europe video from last year which is arguably my favorite video I've ever made). I hope to edit a couple more videos before summer ends since I will be unlikely to get a chance to film and edit many during the school year. I have one last vacation before school starts, so you can expect another outfit post coming soon on the blog. There are so many things I want to share but so little time!

PS: After taking these quick shots, I actually ended up stepping on something sharp that went into the bottom of my foot and made a small bloody mess, but after getting it cleaned up at home, it is now fine (don't worry - I've had my tetanus shot).

(This post is named after a song by Portugal. The Man I discovered earlier this spring, and I've now heard it a couple times on the radio! It's got such a cool sound to it that it's worth checking out!)

Here is my trip video from Europe last year! It took probably 20 hours to edit because I had so much footage, and it's still pretty long, so go make some popcorn or a cup of tea before sitting down to watch it:

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