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Happy summer everyone! So, I thought I would take a moment and update you about my college decision for those who don't already know - next year I will be attending Virginia Tech for industrial design (as a part of their honors college)! Honestly, I thought that after figuring out my plan for next year, I would be mentally at rest, but I sometimes feel like by accepting my place at VT, I am missing opportunities elsewhere. I guess this would have been inevitable anywhere I chose to attend, but it does still make me feel uneasy.

Anyhow, on a lighter note, today we took some pictures of what I wore to graduation. I love how easy it is to wear this dress! The shape and linen material are casual enough for me to throw it on any day with my trusty Birkenstocks. However, to dress it up a bit for graduation, I found these pretty sandals with platforms (to make me those couple inches taller). For graduation, I also wore a pair of gunmetal star earrings from Anthropologie, but for today, I styled the look with a small pair of studs.

The earrings add just a hint of color to this look. Both the dress and shoes are from ASOS where I have recently been obsessing over due to their variety and reasonable prices.

Also, be sure to follow my YouTube account to see how to get this makeup look (it is linked in the previous post). I am also working on a short series of videos relating to my high school experience, so be sure to check out episode 1 (advice for freshman) and let me know if you have any interests of suggestions for future videos!

I have recently been spending a lot of time filming and editing videos so be prepared for more of those! In addition to that, I am also planning on posting some interior design content coming up. There is so much to do this summer and so little time!

(Today's post is titled after a Grouplove song)

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