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Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello! Welcome back to the blog - it's been a while! While I haven't posted on here in a bit, my YouTube has been more active! So, I thought I would mesh my blog with my love of video making. This is the makeup I currently wear on a regular basis, and I thought I would explain in words here what I like to do.


I moisturize everyday before putting on makeup to help the makeup sit better on my skin. The one I use in the video has SPF 15 in it too, which is helpful for my pale skin in the summer!


This foundation sits so well on my skin; it rubs in so easily and feels so light. It is ideal for summer - especially with its matte finish!


Like the foundation, this concealer feels very light, and I love how it applies. I wear it under the eyes, on the cheeks (to brighten under my cheekbones), on the chin and nose (to highlight), and on the eyelids (as a substitute for eyeshadow primer).


I have used this powder for a really long time, and I love it. I can really tell that the quality is good since I noticed it seems keep my skin from looking oily for a longer period of time. Honestly, if you aren't interested in wearing a lot of foundation or concealer, this powder is a good substitute for a no-makeup look.


I love wearing bronzer because my face is relatively pale, and bronzer helps add warmth to my face (and helps match my skin to tanned shoulders). I tend to not wear contour since I don't feel like I need the extra emphasis on making my cheekbones stand out more, and the bronzer to me feels a bit lighter.


I love wearing blush in the summer since it also adds color to my face. I apply blush right above my bronzer, and together the colors can look amazing!


I love using this highlight because the liquid formula sits nicer on the skin and looks more natural than any powder highlight I have used yet (I think because the shimmer is created through the reflectiveness instead of through specs of sparkle).


For my eyebrows, my routine is simple. I just use a dark eyeshadow powder on an angled brush to fill them in. The trick is to match the color (cooler tones tend to look more natural). Because my eyebrows are naturally tame, this routine just helps me accentuate their shape without taking too much time.


The copper color is amazing! It is very pigmented and looks amazing with blue eyes (in my opinion of course). With the Naked Basics palette, I love using the light pink shadow as a base to add a crease color to.


I've tried lots of different eyeliner looks, but recently I've been into grey eyeliner because of its softer look. It's easier for me to apply than liquid eyeliner and has an almost smokey effect since doesn't sharpen and have a harsh point.


This mascara adds a bit of drama to my lashes. I apply several layers of this and try to target the tips of my lashes to add length. I usually skip curling my lashes because I don't notice enough of an effect on me.


These Crayola lip crayons are so light, shimmery, and perfect for summer. The one I'm wearing is my favorite color in the box set! (Let me know if you are interested in a review of them!)

Setting Spray:

This setting spray has a dewy finish, so it looks more natural. Wearing a setting spray in the summer is super helpful at preventing my makeup from sweating off!

Thanks for watching/reading this post! Here are the links to the past two videos that I've done for those who might be interested:


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