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Love Like Revenge

Hey guys - long time, no see! Anyhow, I'm back after a crazy period of college applications, normal schoolwork, and the beginning of our tennis season. My life has seriously never been so busy, but I look forward to posting more in the future (there are two more projects on the way soonish)! So, today I thought I would show you a dress from Anne Taylor Loft paired with Zara shoes, Alter'd State necklace, and Anthropologie earrings. Also, we now have a change of scenery - I hope you enjoy this more fun shoot!

(PS: The title of this post is after a Bad Suns song - if you have been keeping up with me, you know that I love this band a lot!)

Below is posted a video from a ski trip that my family took the first weekend in March, so go watch me attempt to film while skiing!

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