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Last Hope

Hey guys - I can't believe it, but somehow I completely forgot to post yesterday! So, my plan is to tomorrow edit two videos for you guys. I was doing so well too! Oh well, it was bound to happen at some point, and I actually got a lot of sleep yesterday instead, which is especially good when I have my three hardest midterms coming up. Wish me luck! Anyhow, this picture is from a Christmas party I went to a couple days ago, and per usual, I am wearing my Banana Republic coat with an Anthropologie dress and Anthropologie earrings. I swear I haven't had such good food in a while as I had at that party. I can't wait until midterms are over, so I can bring you more quality content. I hope you guys understand about me missing a day, and I'm super excited to produce two videos tomorrow!

(Today's post title is after another Paramore song from their most recent album)

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