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Styling With Sophie: Casual Winter Outings

Welcome to my new segment called "Styling With Sophie". I'm really excited to bring this to you guys because I love online shopping and styling my favorite pieces, and I know that that this is something I also love to view on other blogs. Hopefully you guys are just as excited about this as me! My first post today is on casual winter outings (basically what I would wear out on weekends or even to school). I put together three looks all from ASOS. I love shopping from ASOS because they have such a wide variety of clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. One last thing before we jump into the real content: subscribe! You can now subscribe and get email updates on posts!

Outfit 1:

This one is cool and comfortable. I am obsessed with these high-tops, and I love the juxtaposition they have with the more formal choker. The blue of the jacket and the cool grey of the dress complement each other very well!

Outfit 2:

This one is pretty wearable with an edge of fun to it. These shoes are amazing and practical on colder days when boots are your only option, but mostly, I just love their print.

Outfit 3:

This outfit may be my favorite - I love the mixture of textures! You guys probably guessed that a fur coat would end up in here, and you definitely guessed right! This is one of my favorite trends right now. I also love the earrings here. Again, these kinds are another one of my favorite trends, and I have a pair very similar to these that I adore. Styling wise, I would complete this outfit with a pair of warm leggings to face the cold this time of year.

Thanks for keeping up with 25 Days of Sophie! I'll see you tomorrow with another post!

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