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Hey guys! It's gonna be just another short one since I spent the day studying for exams. Today, I'm just going to briefly talk about my plans for the rest of 25 Days of Sophie. So, I know most of my content so far hasn't been terribly exciting, but I'm hoping with days off next week, I thought I might do more videos. My plan as of now (this is definitely subject to change) is to vlog one of my days off (so I can show you how I prepare for Christmas and how I generally spend my free time), film a sibling tag (this one will take some effort probably), finish a lengthy video project that I have been working on since summer, film a ski trip to our local resort, and do another outfit photoshoot despite the freezing weather (because these have been lacking from my blog recently). Also, tomorrow if everything goes to plan, I should have a styling post up. Of course, if you have any suggestions, let me know! It's definitely gonna be a busy break for me!

The song today is by Paramore - it's a very low-key kind of song, but I really love it!

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