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Stressed Out

Since next week exams are coming for me and many other students, I thought I would create a post on my study motivation tips (hence the title "Stressed Out" - a song by 21 Pilots that most people probably have heard at this point). I hope you enjoy this post, and as always, feel free to leave tips and suggestions through comments or email (through the "contact" page on the blog). But without further ado, let's jump into my tips:

My first step before studying is to organize my study space. A cluttered room means a clutter mind for me, so I spend a couple minutes organizing my desk.



Although this one may seem a little unnecessary, I really do believe it helps me. Since winter break is after I complete my exams, I like to add so holiday decorations in order to motivate myself to work hard because I am reminded of my break from school coming up afterwards.

The key to longer study sessions is comfort. Therefore, I also will sometimes keep some slippers under my desk and a throw blanket nearby to keep me warm and comfortable. If you prefer, you can also put on some fuzzy socks.

Once everything on my desk is in place, I will come up with a study schedule, so that I don't get overwhelmed with all that I have to do to study.

As I am studying, I like to also have lots of snacks. These little breaks are much needed between hours of studying, so I made some hot chocolate and had some cookies.

(I also really recommend this mug)

The hardest part is just completing the work, but hopefully with these strategies, both you and me can be successful on our midterms/finals. Be sure to keep in mind that you have been working all semester on these subjects and, therefore, have been preparing since August. Think positive and be confident going in despite any doubts. This will ensure a better outcome for you. Don't stress too much! Good luck to all of you taking exams next week! See you tomorrow!

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