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I've now been skiing for the majority of my life. My first time out on the slopes was when I was four (there's a picture). My dad attends physics conferences around the world, and sometimes, they happen to be located near the slopes, so often, my family will accompany him on some of these trips. Most recently (about three years ago maybe), we returned to Lake Louise -- a place we also went when I was in third grade. It was crazy how I recognized the slopes after all these years, and due to more experience, we were able to take full advantage of their wide range of slopes and trails.

Taking a week to ski every day, not only significantly improves your skills but also improves your mindset and perspective. At the end of the trip, I was able to ski down moguls and black diamond runs with more ease than ever before. This is definitely one of my favorite trips (not just because of the skiing -- although that was a major high point for me). Even my mom who does not ski at all, really enjoyed the time away from home. The food, the hotel, the iced covered lake set the scene so perfectly for a week away.

I remember spending hours on the slopes, exploring the map of trails, ice skating on the lake with their signature ice castle (picture of this was posted a few days ago), and even taking a sleigh ride around this massive lake. It was just like a movie: the perfect setting with the perfect people.

So, I guess the moral of this quick story is that you should not be afraid to take time to try things for yourself, whether it be doing moguls for the first time, perusing something you love, or just spending time on yourself. Since I got my own pair of skis, I have spent several weekends skiing locally with my family and friends. And who knows? Maybe there will be a ski video coming up next!

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