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How to Get in the Holiday Spirit

If you are looking for some Christmas inspiration, look no further. Here is my 25 tips for getting in the holiday spirit:

* Bring out some fuzzy blankets (if you haven't already done so)

* Hang out with some old friends

* Make some paper snowflakes

* Warm some hot chocolate

* Light a candle

* Wear something metallic

* Reflect on the year

* Put up some decorations

* Make some cookies

* Hug someone

* Clear out your closet

* Donate your old clothes

* Pull out some old Christmas albums

* Have a fire

* Wear some red lipstick

* Read a book

* Brainstorm some gift ideas

* Make a list

* Smother yourself in moisturizer

* Buy something peppermint scented

* Watch some Christmas classics

* Decorate your tree

* Eat a candy cane

* Daydream of snow

Feel free to comment your own tips below!

(The picture above is from Lake Louise in Canada, where we went skiing for a week, and yes, that is an ice castle.)

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