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25 Christmas-y Facts

I've compiled a list of some Christmas-y facts about me for today. Here it goes:

1. I have lived through 17 Christmases so far... (soon it will be 18!) 2. I have never traveled on Christmas (at least that I can remember) 3. Winter has always been my favorite season 4. I get my own personal tree every year (there is a story that goes with this one) 5. My brother was expected to be born on Christmas but came a week early 6. My family has a real fireplace (a.k.a. not gas or electric) 7. I love anything furry and fuzzy 8. I decorate

my room every year 9. This year, it has not snowed yet where I live 10. I do not own any ugly Christmas sweaters 11. When I'm older I want my Christmas tree to have a color scheme 12. Tis the season for lipstick 13. We buy real trees every year 14. Sparkles are always good 15. I make snowflakes almost every year 16. Michael Buble's Christmas album is my favorite 17. I had stockings for all of my American Girl dolls 18. I make a Wishlist every year 19. I love making homemade gifts 20. We put a star (not an angel) on top of the tree 22. I own my own skis 23. Last year, I went skiing at lease six times 24. I used to take ice skating lessons 25. My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night

As a sub-note, for those who were wondering, the picture above is from 2013.

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