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A Remembrence

I wanted to take a minute to share what I wore on Thanksgiving and to thank everyone reading this for their continual support for me and my ongoing project. Every single one of you motivate me to keep doing what I love!

Here's the outfit rundown:

My dress is an old one from Anthropologie that I've had since seventh grade (and somehow it still fits!). I love the bright purple and the pattern; it adds a little unexpected pop to it. My shoes are from Urban Outfitters (I'm so obsessed with them), and my necklace is from Nordstrom. Once again, I have on my favorite earrings. These drop star earrings are perfect for the holiday season (even though I wear them year-round).

I also wanted to address the title of my blog. Sophie's Choice is not only the name of this blog, but it is also the title of a famous book and movie. No, I have not read the book or watched the movie. However, from what I read on Wikipedia, the story follows the past (flashbacks) of a girl currently living in New York. When she was younger, she served in a Nazi camp - I believe it was against her will - and was forced to chose between her two children who was going to live while the other was gassed. Obviously, this is a serious topic - one that I was unaware of when the blog was introduced into the world - and I believe it's time to finally address it. It is important to remember how privileged we are. We live in a world of opportunity, free of large scale wars and such vast means of oppression, so it is important to acknowledge those who aren't able to have our opportunities. So in the future, I know I will be reading the book and watching the movie to expand my understanding of these past horrors, and I encourage you to do the same whether it's Sophie's Choice or another book of similar context.

On a higher note, I have a long-term project coming to the blog soon! I have never spent this much time on a project yet, so get excited!

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