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Today, we decided to take some pictures by the Downtown Mall here in my first day of school look. We are still trying to figure out the camera, so I apologize for some out of focus ones, but hopefully, you can get the overall gist of the look. This is my first jumpsuit that I bought, and it is definitely one of the most flattering on me. The jumpsuit is from Nordstrom, the purse is vintage, the shoes are my Birkenstoks, and the earrings are Anthropologie (all my favorite earrings are from there). I promise that I do wear shoes besides my Birkenstocks in the summer, but they are so convenient and comfortable and go with everything. I should probably mention that the title of this post is also named after a song by Grouplove - I think I might name the titles of the next several posts after songs that I'm into at the time (mostly so I won't have to come up with my own titles). And lastly, I wanted to mention that this is my new favorite hair style since it gives good volume and texture to my hair. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you in my next post!

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