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A Little Fall of Rain

Happy Easter! So, last weekend I really wanted to take some more pictures for the blog, but it was raining outside. My solution? To take them in the Omni hotel. This was actually more difficult than it seems because the Festival of the Book was going on, and people were everywhere. Between the people and the bad lighting, these were the best pictures we could come up with. Anyhow, I wanted to dress for Spring - not for the weather that day, so I might be able to inspire some of you. I decided to go with a very color-blocked look with the black, white, cool brown, and light purple shoes. The skirt and oversized sweater are from Nordstrom, the black shirt (which is the absolute perfect cut) is from Banana Republic, the shoes are from Urban Outfitters (they were only $30!!!!), and the purse is Kate Spade.

Also, I'm am working on a small project that I hope to post soon. I am super excited for this, so keep posted!

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