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Winter Road Trip

Happy New Year!!!!

So, this weekend, we drove down to Blacksburg to drop off my sister, Sally, at Virginia Tech again for the new college semester. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to snap a few outfit pictures with my dad's camera, so here is the result. This is my go-to outfit for car trips - stretchy pants and an oversized sweater. The pattern on these Nordstrom pants makes me feel like I came straight of the 70s, and the sweater is super comfortable - I actually got it in a larger size, so it would be more comfortable. The elbow patches on this are my favorite part - good choice Urban Outfitters! I'm wearing Steve Madden shoes that I got last year for Christmas. The color is absolutely amazing. My coat is again from Christmas last year (Banana Republic). It goes with absolutely EVERYTHING I wear. The cut is modern, and the coat itself is really flattering. I threw on a knitted Eddie Bauer scarf and Zara earmuffs (for those who don't know, I have always been a fan of earmuffs). Have a wonderful Janruary!


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