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Fashion in the Cold Weather

Hey guys! I started creating new posts about a 1000 times, but never got around to putting them up, so decided to let go of my blog for the time being since with tennis and other activities, I wouldn't be able to post often. But, as I was looking back on it, I realized that I missed posting things on here, so I decided that I'm going to go for at least a monthly post (please hold me to this!), even if it meant some of the posts wouldn't have pictures of my own outfits (since this takes a few hours to shoot these in addition to putting the posts together). Anyhow, I'm back now with a new post.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE winter fashion. I think it's because I love wearing pastel colors and winter clothes just tend to be more flattering on everyone. So, I wanted to touch on some of my favorite things to wear in the winter.

First is the classic turtleneck, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea, but just look at how chic it can be worn!

(This one is for if you are a little skeptical about wearing a turtleneck)

Next is tights and shorts. This is another one of my favorite trends because it expands your winter closet. Just be careful to only wear shorts that work for winter. I would recommend wearing velvet (below) or well tailored pastel, white, or dark (pretty much anything except neon) shorts to compliment the season.

This is a pretty obvious one, but an knit scarf adds warmth without taking from the chic-ness of your outfit.

Oversized knit sweaters are an absolute must. I literally live off of my cream colored one from Urban Outfitters!

And, of course, here are my coat preferences. If I could go out and buy a coat today, I would go with something like these - grey (to go with both pastel and black colored hats and gloves) and longer in legnth (which is super flattering).

Jumpsuits have been around for a little while, but I still love the fad - especially since it can look as good as this!

Last is a pair of jeans - flared jeans. These can really add length to your body (if it's loose all the way from your knees), and the light color shown here is perfect for winter!

(the pictures shown can be found on my "Fashion" board on Pinterest)

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