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Evening Stroll

All right. I am aware that this is only my first post since early May, but now tests are finally almost done - so look forward to some good stuff coming up (suggestions welcome!). Here, I am wearing an Urban Outfitters dress (who saw that coming?). This dress is SUPER comfy but is kind of unforgiving. I had to wear seamless stuff under it. This is the light grayish blue color, and it simply screams Spring. I love these dresses since they can either be dressed up or down. I was actually wearing a fuzzy, white, oversize sweater over it, but it was warm enough outside. The shoes are from Zara. Unfortunately, I have only worn them twice, and they already have giant creases in them! My necklace is Sundance. The earrings are my star Anthropologie studs again. I also tried a new hair style (sorry there are no closeups!) to make the look seem more clean. I french braided the side of my hair and pinned it up. What do you think? I think the photographs are getting slightly better but could still use work. Also, it's probably best to not take pictures this late in the day.

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